Jawed Habib Salon

Goal: To generate relevant enquiries for the Jawed Habib Franchise

Objective: To optimize the Jawed Habib franchise with the use of online media strategies like the Digital Marketing strategies and Google AdWords

Platforms/Sources:  Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter

Target Location: Kerala, Tamil Nadu

To achieve the desired success of the optimized franchise presence on the online platform with the effective use of the Digital Marketing strategies, the following can be drawn out:

  • The Website: if the website is given a glance, the following can be deducted:
  1. The overall design of the website is simple and neat with no overcrowding and fussy use of words.
  2. The website directs to the franchise form which is simple and concise.
  3. There is an integration of all the possible social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.
  4. The stylish hairdresser Jawed Habib is featured on the homepage.
  5. The homepage also displays all the relevant information which would be necessary for a visitor like the services offered along with the contact details.
  6. The homepage has exciting and catchy content to keep the visitors engaged and stay on the web page.


  • Facebook Promotion: The Facebook was the main source of the Digital Marketing solutions as it served the perfect social media platform to gather enough visitors and increase the web traffic. The strategies applied included:
  1. Use of Facebook to promote the services offered by the franchise web page
  2. Engage the customers with proper flow of the inbox messages, feedbacks and comments
  3. Provision of exciting offers and discounts over the Facebbok posts
  4. Promote the sharing of the Facebook posts to earn special offers


  • Twitter Promotion: Twitter has been another significant social media platform to promote the Digital Marketing planning for the Franchise web page:
  1. Keeping the conversations alive by the comments and feedbacks
  2. Sharing the articles or the content of the web page on Twitter
  3. Asking for the customer’s valuable feedbacks
  4. Fetching more positive ratings by the customers

The additional strategic methods employed by the Jawed Habib Franchise web page with the use of the Digital Marketing techniques to promote its products and services, include:

  • Creating age specific ad content
  • Targeting top class business tycoons and influential people like CEOs, MDs, Investors, Politicians, and many more
  • Live chat support system along with 24/7 availability of the customer care support unit to cater to the customer’s needs
  • Creation of different landing pages for different locations
  • Creating region-specific ads to promote the services and bring an active interest of the native customers

Challenges Faced: The journey embarked was not an easy one. The major challenges faced for the implementation of the Digital Marketing strategies for the promotional activities were:

  • Insufficient or lack of knowledge in the native people about the social media
  • Improper knowledge about the franchise business
  • Accepting the products and services offered over the Internet’s medium
  • Acceptance of the services by varied age groups of people

Results of the Analysis:

After the successful implementation of the Digital Marketing strategies by the Jawed Habib franchise web page, the following results were observed:

  • A whooping audience reach of more than 19 lakhs of people
  • Increased conversion rate of 1.28%
  • More than thousands of followers on the social media platform including the Facebook and Twitter

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