Life Slim case

About Company: Life SCC is a leading name in providing cosmetic care solutions in India with advanced technology and expert team of plastic surgeons. The main objective is to fulfill the aesthetic dreams of individuals by offering them reliable solutions for skin, hair and weight problems.

Goal: Brand Awareness and Promotion through Lead Generation

Objective: The main objective was to increase the substantial website traffic to create potential leads and then, convert them to possible customers. It also aimed at promoting the brand name through efficient Digital Marketing techniques.

Platforms: Social Media Platforms, Google Adwords


  • Expand lead generation through social media marketing techniques
  • Definition or focus on corporate social media efforts
  • Develop clear and concise business processes to optimize the social media marketing strategies.
  • Providing support to the customer care service with the help of social platform
  • Get insight of the market sentiments with regard to products and services.
  • Understanding the customer behavior and needs
  • Comparative study of the competitors.
  • Enabling data-driven decisions
  • Automate the processes and workforce
  • Integration of social media for the brand image
  • Global collaboration
  • Creating leads with compelling content
  • Provision of triggers to enhance the user experience
  • Tracking and benchmarking progress
  • Automate integrated dashboards
  • Building long-lasting relationships based on trust and loyalty
  • Sharing community driven content like activity calendar, blogs, discussions, contests, social networking and so more
  • Responding to tweets or feedbacks

Challenges:  They were no significant leads for few of their branches to which Thinking Hat has suggested the following strategy as ideal solutions.

  • Special campaigns were created using radius targeting methods.
  • Show yours – Ads were created and published at different locations through show yours app.
  • Emailer targeting
  • Promoting those branches in Social Networking sites.
  • Traditional marketing like brochure, pop ups, standees, canopy designs, hoardings, newspaper ads etc.


  • Traffic has been increased by 18% in first 6 months at Thinking Hat and there is a cumulative growth of 6-8% in every 6months.
  • Conversion rate – 3.92%

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